Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2020

6-8 July 2020
Manchester, UK


Manchester is the location for our annual meeting in 2020, a familiar city for the Bone Research Society and we will be at the Manchester Metropolitan University for another meeting with a friendly atmosphere and productive networking opportunities as well as a programme containing cutting edge science. 

BRS meetings are renowned for their friendly atmosphere and networking opportunities, as well as their high quality and exciting science.  The 2020 meeting will feature a broad-ranging programme with sessions on:

  • Bone Mechanoadaptation
  • Pathological Mineralisation
  • Nutrition and the Gut
  • Paediatric Bone
  • New Approaches/Techniques
  • Debate
  • Charles Dent Lecture


  • Mid Career / New Investigators
  • Muscle and Bone
  • Rare Bone Disease 

We will also be holding public engagement activities with the aim of educating local students and others about the world of musculoskeletal diseases.

Please do submit your work for inclusion in this exciting programme and look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Local Organising Committee

Dr Alex Ireland (Chair)

Prof Zulf Mughal

Prof Terry O’Neill

Dr Isabel Orriss

Dr Jennifer Walsh

Tweeting? Please use #BRS2020