Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2021

28 - 30 June 2021


Awards and Grants

New Investigator Award Winners

Caloric restriction abrogates vascular calcification by autophagic and proteasomal degradation of RUNX2, a key osteogenic transcription factor.  Kanchan phadwal (Edinburgh)

Repairing myeloma bone disease; can the combination of bone anabolic and antiresorptive therapy improve bone quality and repair? Rebecca Andrews (Sheffield)

Osteophyte size and location rather than joint space width are associated with hip pain: findings from UK Biobank. Ben Faber (Bristol)

Two Rare GALNT3 Mutations Associated With High Bone Mass Without Evidence Of Disturbed Phosphate Homeostasis. Neelam Hassan (Bristol)

The Mediating Role of Lean Soft Tissue in the Relationship between Somatic Maturation and Bone Density in Adolescent Practitioners and Non-Practitioners of Sports. Ricardo Agostinete (Brazil)

Do 3D epiphyseal bone architectural changes in ageing STR/Ort and healthy mice reveal early imaging biomarkers of osteoarthritis? Lucinda Evans (London)

Investigating skeletal architecture in the mdx mouse. Mark Hopkinson (London)

Transcriptomic analysis reveals a link between mitochondrial dysfunction and experimental chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder. SHUN-NENG HSU (Edinburgh)

The assessment of mechano-structural properties in the femoral neck sampled from obese cadaveric men: a pilot study. Jelena Jadzic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Impact of Menopause and HIV status on the Peripheral Skeleton of Urban Black South African Women. Mícheál Ó Breasail (Bristol)

Best Clinical Oral Communications

Children with NF1 have significant deficits in muscle function. Amish Chinoy (Manchester)

Best Basic Oral Communications

Transcriptomic Profiling of Regenerating Zebrafish Scales Identifies Osteogenic Genes That Are Involved in Human Bone Disease. Dylan Bergen (Bristol)

Best Clinical Poster

Changes in BMD in South African women transitioning through menopause, and the impact of HIV infection: a longitudinal study

Tafadzwa Madanhire (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Best Basic Poster

Automated image segmentation for analysis of in vitro osteoclast endpoints.

Bethan Davies (London)