Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2017

25 - 27 June 2017, Bristol, UK



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Sessions include:

About time: how do cellular ageing mechanisms affect the musculoskeletal system?
Big Data: how exploitation of genetic data has led to new insights
Blood and bone: skeletal vasculature and bone remodelling
Genetics of bone
HIV and bone
The microbiome and bone
Muscle and bone
Osteoporosis: nature or nurture?
Osteoporosis treatments
Physical activity and bone
Rare bone diseases
The new face of fat: adipocytes as novel mediators in bone biology


Speakers include:

Katherine Brooke-Wavell (Loughborough, UK)
Geert Carmeliet (Leuven, Belgium)
Will Cawthorn (Edinburgh, UK)
Cyrus Cooper (Southampton, UK)
Lynne Cox (Oxford, UK)
George Davey Smith (Bristol, UK)
Fadil Hannan (Liverpool, UK)
Melita Irving (London, UK)
Kassim Javaid (Oxford, UK)
Fredrik Karpe (Oxford, UK)
Lance Lanyon (Bristol, UK)
Qing-Jun Meng (Manchester, UK)
Zulf Mughal (Manchester, UK)
Claes Ohlsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK)
Brent Richards (McGill, Canada)
Saravana Ramasamy (London, UK)
Karen Walker Bone (Southampton, UK)
Kate Ward (Southampton, UK)

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