Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2016

29 June - 1 July 2016, Liverpool, UK



Off to Liverpool for the 2016 meeting, for the first time since - well, does anyone know? Certainly for the first time in the Society's current incarnation as the Bone Research Society.

BRS meetings are renowned for their friendly atmosphere and networking opportunities, as well as their high quality and exciting science.  The 2016 meeting will feature a broad-ranging programme with sessions on:

  • Biomarkers
  • Cancer and bone
  • Cartilage-bone interactions
  • Clinical cases
  • Debate: In the absence of osteoporosis … “The drugs don’t work”
  • Endocrinology of bone and other musculoskeletal diseases
  • Clinical gait analysis
  • Imaging
  • Metabolomics
  • Muscle-bone interactions
  • Rare bone diseases
  • Stem cells
  • Vitamin D

For the first time the Society will be embarking on some public engagement activities with the aim of educating local school children and others about the world of musculoskeletal diseases, with a schools' programme on the first day, and a public session on the last.

We hope you will submit your work for inclusion in this exciting programme and look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Local Organising Committee

Jim Gallagher (Chair)
Jonathan Jarvis
Lakshminarayan Ranganath
Rob Van t’ Hof

Tweeting? Please use #BRS2016