Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2018

27 - 29 June 2018
Winchester, UK


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For a copy of the current programme, click here. 

NOTE:  If you are an oral presenter, please ensure you email your slide presentation by 17:00 on Friday 22 June, to

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List of current invited speakers:

Lynda Bonewald (Indianapolis, USA)
Mark Bradley (Edinburgh, UK)
Mike Briggs (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Cyrus Cooper (Southampton, UK)
Steve Cummings (San Francisco, USA)
Elaine Dennison (Southampton, UK)
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)
Celia Gregson (Bristol, UK)
Mark Hanson (Southampton, UK)
Nick Harvey (Southampton, UK)
Markus Heller (Southampton, UK)
Wolfgang Hogler (Birmingham, UK)
Kassim Javaid (Oxford, UK)
Sundeep Khosla (Rochester, USA)
Karen Lillycrop (Southampton, UK)
Janet Lord (Birmingham, UK)
Sumeet Mahajan (Southampton, UK)
Christa Maes (Leuven, Belgium)
Ivan Martin (Basle, Switzerland)
Eugene McCloskey (Sheffield, UK)
Ken Poole (Cambridge, UK)
Anke Roelofs (Aberdeen, UK)
Anya Rothenbuhler (Paris, France)
Philipp Schneider (Southampton, UK)
Richard Scott (Cambridge/London, UK)
Aphrodite Vasilaki (Liverpool, UK)
Matthew Warman (Boston, USA)


Programme Highlights include:

Symposia and other sessions:

  • Ageing
  • Early life origins of disease
  • Global burden of osteoporosis and sarcopenia
  • Imaging: from mice to men
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: from bench to clinic
  • Clincal cases