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Celebrating 65 years of excellence in bone research 

The Bone Research Society started life as the Bone and Tooth Society on 24 March 1950, and has been supporting and providing a forum for bone researchers ever since!

To celebrate this Blue Sapphire anniversay, we are compiling a history of the Society and need your help! So if you have any old BATS/BRS stories, old meeting programmes/abstracts or milestones in bone research that you presented at BATS/BRS meetings then please email the Secretary.

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BRS Annual Meeting 2015 (Jointly with the British Society for Matrix Biology)

1-3 September 2015, Edinburgh, UK
Abstract deadline: 1 June 2015

BRS Muscle and Bone Workshop

1 September 2015, Edinburgh, UK

BRS Rare Bone Diseases Workshop

1 September 2015, Edinburgh, UK

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European League Against Rheumatism

10-15 June 2015, Rome, Italy

WCO-IOF-ESCEO Malaga 2016

14-17 April 2016, Malaga, Spain

4th Fragility Fracture Network Congress

3-5 September 2015, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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