Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2022

Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 July
Manchester, UK

Judith Adams Imaging Award 2022



Images submitted to this year's competition are shown below. You can vote for your favourite image here -

Winners (and prizes!) will be announced at the closing ceremony.



Imaging Collection 2022


And you just study the holes in the bone?

Description: Synchrotron radiation computed tomography permits the visualisation of the murine tibia (lower) and fibula (upper) in addition to the surrounding soft tissue structures.

Imaging Competition 2022


“Vasculature in bone”

This is high resolution image from mico-computed tomography (micro-CT) of rat bone (femur) and bone marrow vasculature after perfusion of vasculature with contrasting agent which gives density to vasculature once it is solidified. Therefore, both bone and vasculature can be imaged by micro-CT that works with x-ray.

Imaging Competition 2022


Fusing PHOSPHO1 and MNeonGreen: Celestial or cellular imaging?

Description: This image shows an MC3T3 osteoblast transiently transfected with a PHOSPHO1-MNeonGreen fusion construct, in order to track matrix vesicle production and biogenesis in in vitro cultures. 16 hours after transfection the cells were fixed and costained with Phalloidin-594 and Hoescht.
This shows high expression of cytoplasmic PHOSPHO1 (green) and delicate protrusions, leading to extracellular puncta also positive for PHOSPHO1. The actin cytoskeleton (red) appears to form stress fibre-like focal points at these areas also, suggesting a potential role in matrix vesicle biogenesis.

Imaging Competition


At your fingertips

Summary: Confocal microscopy of a regenerating mouse digit tip at 10 days post-amputation, stained for components of the regenerating extracellular matrix. White: nuclei; green: pro-collagen1α1; red: laminin-γ1; purple: fibronectin.