Bone Research Society

BRS Annual Meeting 2022

Wednesday 6 - Friday 8 July
Manchester, UK

Industry Satellite Symposia

2.35pm – 3.20pm, Thursday 7 July 2022


Rare bone conditions: Challenges for early diagnosis and utilising digital health


This is a non-promotional symposium commissioned by Ipsen. It is intended for healthcare professionals and basic

scientists with a clinical and scientific interest in rare bone diseases.



2:35pm Welcome and introduction

Dr Raja Padidela (Chair)


2:40pm Overcoming challenges in early diagnosis of rare bone conditions

Dr Melita Irving


2:55pm Using digital health to find the undiagnosed: Lessons from Fibrodysplasia Ossificans

Progressiva (FOP)

Dr Ghazanfar Khan


3:10pm Question & answer (Q&A) and conclusion

Chaired by Dr Raja Padidela with Dr Melita Irving and Dr Ghazanfar Khan



CHAIR: Dr Raja Padidela – Royal Manchester Childrens’ Hospital, Manchester

Dr Padidela has a strong interest in research and manages clinical trials in new medications for bone

disorders. Nationally and internationally, he is recognised for teaching in this speciality and advises on

management of children with metabolic bone and mineral disorders. He has authored numerous peer reviewed

articles and book chapters.


SPEAKER: Dr Melita Irving – Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust, London

Dr Irving undertook a fellowship in skeletal dysplasia at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne and has

established multidisciplinary paediatric clinics in skeletal dysplasia and achondroplasia at the Evelina

London Children's Hospital. She is chief investigator for numerous achondroplasia clinical trials and a

proponent of embedding research synergistically within clinical service.


SPEAKER: Dr Ghazanfar Khan – Mendelian

Dr Khan is Head of Clinical Delivery at Mendelian, a UK digital health company aiming to accelerate

diagnosis for rare diseases. He leads Mendelian’s clinical implementation in the NHS, optimising algorithms

and developing new clinical models. He has led several high-profile, international projects for the WHO

on strengthening primary healthcare.