Bone Research Society

Bringing basic and clinical researchers together since 1950


The Bone Research Society (BRS), formerly the Bone and Tooth Society, was founded in 1950. The BRS is one of the largest national scientific societies in Europe dedicated to clinical and basic research into mineralised tissues, and is the oldest such society in the world. Meetings are held annually, attracting a wide audience from throughout the UK and beyond. The presentations are traditionally balanced between clinical and laboratory studies. The participation of young scientists and clinicians is actively encouraged.

The Society's aims

  • To act as the premier forum for research into the calcified tissues, both clinical and basic.
  • To promote and facilitate the study and research of rare metabolic and hereditary bone diseases.
  • To advance the education of the public about the science of calcified tissues and related subjects.
  • To act as the main professional body for scientists and physicians researching calcified tissues, and to interact with other organisations on these matters.
  • To hold scientific meetings to disseminate and discuss results from studies and research.

The Society's full Constitution can be found here

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Dent Lecturers

The BRS Dent Lecture is awarded to someone who has made a major scientific contribution to field of bone research, either within the UK or internationally.  The recipient gives a plenary lecture at the BRS annual meeting.  Dent Lecturers include:

  • Alan Boyde (Denting the image of bone, 2009)
  • Roger Smith (Lessons from rare bone diseases, 2010)
  • Jonathan Reeve (2011)
  • Juliet Compston (2012)
  • Graham Russell (The 13th element, 2013)
  • Jack Martin (PTHrP, from cancer hormone to multifunctional cytokine, 2014)
  • Judith Adams and Ignac Fogelman (Advances in Musculoskeletal Imaging, 2015)
  • James Triffit (Follow that dream: FOP: Past, present and future, 2016)
  • Lance Lanyon (Quest for the Mechanostat, 2017)
  • Cyrus Cooper (Prevention of osteoporotic fracture throughout the lifecourse, 2018)
  • Tim Arnett (2019)

Honorary members

The Society is proud to list the following distinguished scientists among its honorary members:

  • Dorie Birkenhager-Frenkel
  • Alan Boyde
  • Tim Chambers
  • Jack Martin
  • Jonathan Reeve
  • Graham Russell
  • Roger Smith
  • Trevor Stamp
  • Tim Arnett
Meet the Committee

Claire Clarkin
University of Southampton
Non-clinical committee member