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Awards can be publicised here free of charge.  Simply send details to

Adverts should contain a very brief description (maximum three sentences), an e-mail address or web location for obtaining further details, and the closing date.

For specific questions about awards contact the BRS Secretary


The BRS Barbara Mawer Travelling Fellowship

Bone Research Society
Closing date: Fri 28 Jun 2019


The primary aim of the Fellowship is to enable new investigators (see criteria below) to spend time in another laboratory to learn a technique not currently used in the home laboratory. A secondary aim is to give new investigators the opportunity to apply for their own funding, therefore experience the grant writing process.

The Fellowship is intended primarily to fund travel and subsistence expenses for the duration of the visit; however a small amount of lab-based consumables maybe applied for (if applicable). The amount available per year is up to £5000 – which may be split between multiple applicants.

Eligibility criteria
Applicants must be new investigators either based, or affiliated, with a UK institution (defined as being PhD students or Post-Docs within 5 years of obtaining a PhD) and a current member of the BRS

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by the BRS committee and rated according to the following aspects:

Quality and originality of the proposal
Suitability of the chosen host laboratory
Quality of the candidate
Perceived benefit to the home laboratory
The feasibility of achieving the goal of the visit and benefit for the project
How this award will benefit the NI future career

The application

Should consist of the following and conforming to the guidelines:
1. A short (maximum 2 page) curriculum vitae of the NI
2. A list of publications of the applicant and/or the applicant’s/host laboratory relevant to the application
3. A 1,500-word outline of the work you intend to carry out at the host laboratory (written by the applicant).
This should include:
• Title of the project
• Summary of the project
• Background of the project
• Overall aim of the project
• Main lines of experimental approach
• Benefit for own project
• Benefit for home laboratory
• References
4. Confirmation of acceptance by host laboratory
5. A breakdown of your anticipated travel, accommodation, subsistence and if applicable consumable costs.

Final report
Successful candidates will be required to submit a report to BRS within 3 months of their visit. The report should include the following:

1. Introduction/background - why you visited that particular lab
2. The results obtained and skills learned
3. Discussion on results and how new skills/knowledge will be incorporated into your own research

1. The applicant must have been a member of the BRS for at least 6 months prior to the deadline.
2. The applicant must be a NI based, or affiliated with, a UK institution.
3. All successful applicants must submit a report to BRS within 3 months of completion of a visit describing the work carried out, techniques studied and benefits gained.
4. All successful applicants (or supervisory team) are expected to present their work at a subsequent Bone Research Society Annual Conference. These will be submitted as abstracts and have ‘Barbara Mawer Travel fellowship’ at the start of the title. This will allow abstract reviewers to accept as posters even if data and work are incomplete.
5. Any publications resulting from the visit must acknowledge the BRS’ support and a copy must be sent to the BRS secretary.
6. Details of any other grant applications covering the same visit must be disclosed at the time of making the application.
7. It is up to the individual to arrange appropriate insurance to cover their visit. The BRS is not responsible for the health and safety of any individual while travelling to or from the receiving laboratory or during their visit.
8. Grants cannot be awarded retrospectively and must be completed within 1 year. Should there be reason to book the trip before notification of funding, permission must be sought from the Secretary, before the application is made.

The application form can be downloaded from


BRS Sponsored Meetings

Bone Research Society

The BRS is here to promote and foster the bone community so that the UK remains at the forefront of musculo-skeletal research and healthcare innovation. The BRS aims to bring together basic and clinical researchers so that we can provide a forum for collaboration and advancement of musculo-skeletal science and health. The aim of the BRS sponsored specialist meetings are to help realise these aims.

To apply for meeting sponsorship from the BRS, applicants should complete an application form ( which will receive an initial review by the BRS Committee within four weeks

ELIGIBILITY & TERMS OF AWARD (see for full details of Society policy)
1. The applicant must have been a member of BRS for at least 6 months prior to application.
2. Successful applications will be required to submit a report to the BRS within 3 months of the meeting. This should include the purpose of the workshop and the benefits to the BRS.
3. BRS will award up to £500 to support local meetings: normally a maximum of 3 awards each per calendar year.
4. Money will be paid once receipts have been received by the BRS treasurer.
5. BRS will only support local meetings to be held within the UK.
6. The support of BRS should be clearly acknowledged at the meeting.
7. Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed meeting. Only applications submitted on the official application form will be considered.

Neil Mackenzie Public Engagement Award 2019

Bone Research Society
Closing date: Fri 28 Jun 2019

This award is awarded annually in memory of Neil Mackenzie who tragically lost his life in a climbing accident in Canada in January 2015. It provides a bursary to support a new investigator participating in, or developing activities related to, public engagement to enhance awareness of research by members of the Bone Research Society (BRS), relating to basic, clinical or translational research in mineralised tissues.

Neil was an enthusiastic contributor to the life of the BRS and an excellent, promising young scientist. His infectious enthusiasm for research led him to serve in the past as a New Investigator representative on the BRS Committee and as such, this award honours his vigour and commitment to both the society and the bone field.

New investigators are invited to submit an application to participate in a public engagement session, during the next annual meeting – the 5th joint meeting between the BRS and the British Orthopaedic Research Society (BORS) - which will be held in Cardiff, September 4th-6th 2019. This session will take place on Wednesday 4th September from 5-7pm.

To apply, please email by 28th June 2019 with details of how you would like to contribute to the public engagement session. The proposed session should take the form of an exhibition or interactive stand that will be positioned outside the main lecture theatre where the public lecture is being held. The application (no more than 500 words) should include a title, aims and objectives, and a summary of the scientific content of the session.

The successful applicant/s will also be awarded a total of £500 which can be used, for example, for the purchase of materials for the presentation or to facilitate attendance at the conference.

BRS Carer Allowances

Bone Research Society

We realise that attending meetings and being away from home may present difficulties for those with caring duties. A grant of up to £100 is available to members who incur additional childcare or other caring costs to attend the BRS 2019 meeting.

To apply please fill in the form at

BRS New Investigator Awards

The BRS offers upto 10 New Investigator Awards at its annual meeting for eligible authors. If you are eligible and would like to be considered for one of these awards, please download the eligibility form and submit it as instructed when you submit your abstract.

Eligibility criteria - Award applicants must be:

. A member of BRS (at the time of applying and during the annual meeting)
. Either working towards, or within 5 years of attaining, a postgraduate degree or completion of specialist training
. A presenting author (oral or poster) at the annual BRS meeting
. Submit a summary of the highlight(s) of the BRS meeting (300 word maximum) to

For the top scoring abstracts from eligible authors, the award will consist of free registration to the annual conference.

BRS Travel Bursaries

The Society uses a large proportion of its available funds to support members wishing to present their research at National and International Meetings or to attend work-related training courses. These travel bursaries take the form of part defrayment of the travel costs. Applications should be made to the Treasurer prior to starting travel, giving details of the meeting and the travel costs, along with a copy of the accepted abstract. Applicants must be members of the BRS and must acknowledge BRS support on their poster/presentation.

The level of support will be dependent upon the funds available so bursaries cannot be awarded retrospectively. Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the BRS committee, up to £150 can be claimed to attend an international or BRS conference and up to £75 to attend a non-BRS conference. There is only one award per person, per year.
We also request that you submit a short summary of the conference/ course that the travel award was provided for (up to 300 words) at the time of submission of expenses.
To apply please email the treasurer with your BRS membership number, details of the meeting you are attending, a copy of the accepted abstract and a break down of expenditure.

Alex Ireland
Meet the Committee

Alex Ireland
Manchester Metropolitan University
Committee member

Bisphosphonates 2019: Celebrating 50 years
Bisphosphonates 2019: Celebrating 50 years

15-17 July 2019, Sheffield, UK
Deadline for abstracts: 11 February 2019

5th BRS/BORS Joint Meeting
5th BRS/BORS Joint Meeting

4-6 September 2019, Cardiff
Abstract submission deadline: 17 May 2019