Bone Research Society

Bringing basic and clinical researchers together since 1950



Kate Ward

Prof Kate Ward (University of Southampton)


Alison Gartland

Prof Alison Gartland (The University of Sheffield)

President elect

James Edwards

Dr James Edwards (University of Oxford)


Gudrun Stenbeck

Dr Gudrun Stenbeck (Brunel University, London)



Prof Janet Brown (University of Sheffield)

Clinical ordinary member

Elizabeth Curtis

Dr Elizabeth Curtis (University of Southampton)

Clinical ordinary member

Dr Scott Dillon (University of Cambridge)

Non-clinical new investigator representative

Celia Gregson

Dr Celia Gregson (University of Bristol)

Clinical Ordinary member

Amy Naylor

Dr Amy Naylor (University of Birmingham)

Non-clinical ordinary member

Scott Roberts

Dr Scott Roberts (Royal Veterinary College)

Non-clinical ordinary member

Dr Clare Shere (University of Bristol)

Clinical New Investigator

Louise Stephen

Dr Louise Stephen (Roslin Institute)

Committee member