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Jim Gallagher

Prof Jim Gallagher (University of Liverpool)


Kassim Javaid

Dr Kassim Javaid (University of Oxford)

President elect

Bronwen Evans

Dr Bronwen Evans (Cardiff University)


Isabel Orriss

Dr Isabel Orriss (The Royal Veterinary College)



Dr Andrew Chantry (University of Sheffield)

Clinical committee member

Dr Claire Clarkin (University of Southampton)

Non-clinical committee member

Elizabeth Curtis

Dr Elizabeth Curtis (University of Southampton)

New Investigator representative

Elaine Dennison

Elaine Dennison (Southampton University)

Clinical committee member

Miep Helfrich

Prof Miep Helfrich (University of Aberdeen)

Past president (co-opted)

Rosemary Hollick

Dr Rosemary Hollick (University of Aberdeen )

Committee member

Alex Ireland

Dr Alex Ireland (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Committee member

Michelle Lawson

Dr Michelle Lawson (University of Sheffield)

Committee member

Dimitris Vlachopoulos

Dr Dimitris Vlachopoulos (University of Exeter)

New Investigator non-clinical representative

Resorbing Osteoclast In Vitro 3D
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Resorbing Osteoclast In Vitro 3D

Alex Ireland
Meet the Committee

Alex Ireland
Manchester Metropolitan University
Committee member


11-14 September 2020, Seattle, USA