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Find a Mentor

We are happy to announce the launch of our BRS Find a mentor scheme which aims to provide support and advice to our New Investigators from more senior BRS members.

New Investigators have told us that they feel they may benefit from mentoring, regarding their career and research, beyond what can be provided by their supervisors. The BRS hopes that this scheme will encourage and enable New Investigators to obtain such mentorship and will support the future of the society. 

To ‘Find a mentor’ please email the New Investigator reps at giving details as to your student/postdoctoral status, your research interests, your career aspirations and the reason you would like a mentor. Please also include a copy of your current CV. The New Investigators reps will then match you with a suitable mentor from their list of volunteers.

We are also looking for more mentors to volunteer so please contact the New Investigator reps if you feel you have something to offer in this regard.  We feel it can be an invaluable resource to New Investigators and a wonderful opportunity to give back and help to ensure the future of the BRS.