Bone Research Society

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Bone and Tooth Society Annual Meeting 2004

St Catherine's College, Oxford, UK

29-30 June 2004 

Organiser:  Professor Peter Croucher and Dr Matthew Brown

Programme book and abstracts can be found here

Award Winners:

M A Koay (Oxford, UK)
E De Leenheer (Sheffield, UK)
G J A Lucas (Aberdeen, UK)
Travel Award:
A Bashir (London, UK)
S Bord (Cambridge, UK)
A Brandao-Burch (London, UK)
M A Foreman (Birmingham, UK)
N C W Harvey (Southampton, UK)
S Kaptoge (Cambridge, UK)
I K Lukic (Zagreb, Croatia)
K Still (Sheffield, UK)
P Untiveros (Aberdeen, UK)


Major Sponsors
Eli Lilly
Merck Sharp and Dohme
The Alliance for Better Bone Health: Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals and Aventis Pharma

Other Supporters
Clinical Endocrinology Trust
ImmunoDiagnostic Systems
Roche/GSK Alliance
Shire Pharmaceuticals
Vertec Scientific