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Adult North Star Network Symposium: Management of Bone Health in Adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

31 October 2022, 10:00, Online

1000-1010 Over-all introduction (Prof. Ros Quinlivan)

1010-1020 Introduction to the Adult North Star Network (Dr. Aleksandra Pietrusz)

1020-1050 Adult management & outcome of DMD (Prof. Ros Quinlivan)

1050-1120 Osteoporosis in DMD: Current international standards of care and paediatric management (Dr. Jarod Wong)

1120-1150 Bone density assessment in adolescents and adults with DMD: Challenges and practical issues to consider in acquisition and interpretation (Dr. Nicola Crabtree)

1150-1220 How I manage osteoporosis in adults with DMD? (Prof. Richard Keen)

1220-1250 Puberty and gonadal function in adolescents and adults with DMD (Dr. Claire Wood)

1250-1300 Overall discussion

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