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BRS BRS Annual Meeting and ECTS Congress 2023

13-18 April 2023, Liverpool, UK

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Bone Research Society (BRS) will be held in Liverpool from 13th-15th April. The Meeting will be held in association with the European Calcified Tissues Society (ECTS) Annual Congress, which will run 15th-18th April. The Societies are joining forces to provide an exciting and unique opportunity to share cutting edge science and innovation in bone and mineral metabolism. BRS will hold its usual Workshops on 13th April at a University venue. On Friday 14th our Annual Meeting will start at the award-wining ACC Liverpool ( The Meeting will continue on the morning of Saturday 15th to be followed by the ECTS Congress. You will be able to register for, and submit abstracts to either or both meetings.

Abstract deadline: 12 December 2022ā€¦