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BRS BRS Virtual Seminars - Katherine Staines & Rachel Lopera-Burgueno

26 January 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Katherine Staines: Understanding growth plate fusion mechanisms
As growth slows and eventually ceases, the human growth plate narrows and bone bridges form to span its width. I will describe methods we have developed to understand these processes and how these may predict musculoskeletal health in later life.

KS completed her PhD at the Roslin Institute in 2012 with Colin Farquharson before completing postdoctoral positions with Colin and Andy Pitsillides. She was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Fellowship at Edinburgh Napier in 2017 before taking a Senior Lectureship position in Brighton at the start of 2020.

Rachel Lopera-Burgueno: The role of regulatory T-cells in osteoarthritis
RLB is a 3rd year PhD student in KS lab also supervised by Graham Wright at Edinburgh Napier University working on the role of regulatory T cells in OA.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 26th January at 14:00. Join us at

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