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BRS BRS Virtual Seminars

The BRS is proud to introduce its first virtual seminar series!

These monthly webinars are hosted By Scott Dillon (Cambridge) and Louise Stephen (Edinburgh), who brought us the successful Bone Seminars in Lockdown series earlier in the year. The webinars will highlight some of the exceptional research taking place across the UK and internationally and also give early career scientists a platform to showcase their work.

Past events

BRS Virtual Seminars - Stuart Ralston & Beatriz Larraz Prieto
26 October 2020, Online

Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh) on the TOPAZ trial.
Beatriz Larraz Prieto (Edinburgh) on CXCR4 and teriparatide in osteoporosis.

BRS Virtual Seminars - Dr James Edwards and Dr Beatriz Gamez Molina
24 November 2020, Virtual

Dr James Edwards: "Biometals in Bone Regeneration - Supporting Structure and Stimulating Cells"
Dr Emma Morris "The role of bone marrow fat in bone health and disease"

BRS Virtual Seminars - Katherine Staines & Rachel Lopera-Burgueno
26 January 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Katherine Staines: Understanding growth plate fusion mechanisms
Rachel Lopera-Burgueno: The role of regulatory T-cells in osteoarthritis

BRS Virtual Seminars - Claudia Mazzà & Erica Montefiori, University of Sheffield.
23 February 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Musckuloskeletal modelling of forces transmitted to the joints during walking and the anatomical properties involved.

BRS Virtual Seminar - Prof van Martin & Dr Andres Garcia-Garcia. University of Basel.
30 March 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Professor Ivan Martin: Re-engineering developmental processes for bone regeneration
Dr Andres Garcia-Garcia: Engineered bone marrow niches to model human hematopoiesis

BRS Virtual Seminars - Adam Pickard, Joan Chang & Richa Garva (Karl Kadler Group)
27 April 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Adam Pickard "A non-canonical secretory route for collagen assembly".
Joan Chang “Understanding the role of endosomal recycling in collagen-I fibril formation”
Richa Garva “To understand the role of type I collagen in determining cell fate, with translational opportunities for osteoarthritis"