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BRS BRS Virtual Seminar - Prof van Martin & Dr Andres Garcia-Garcia. University of Basel.

30 March 2021, 14:00, Virtual Seminar

Professor Ivan Martin: Re-engineering developmental processes for bone regeneration

The presentation will exemplify in the context of the recapitulation and regulation of endochondral ossification the general paradigm to enhance robustness in regeneration by engineering developmentally inspired processes. The work will also outline a new class of materials, based on engineered extracellular matrices, capable to deliver the required signals to activate such processes.

Dr Andres Garcia-Garcia: Engineered bone marrow niches to model human hematopoiesis

The presentation will describe a bioreactor-based 3D perfusion culture model enabling the engineering of stromal tissues, possibly including vascular elements. The system has been used to maintain/expand human healthy and malignant hematopoietic stem&progenitor cells, as well as their interactions and compartmentalization.

Part of BRS Webinar Series